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Magnesium 400 supra Capsules

Magnesium 400 supra Capsules

120 capsules for 4 months

8,50 €

Highly dosed, only 1 capsule daily!

Magnesium supports the electrolyte balance, which is especially importat for active athletes.

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 Protein Drink XXL 92

Protein Drink XXL 92

Strawberry-Vanilla: 450 g


19,50 € 16,50 €

(Per 1 kg = 36,67 €)

Dietary supplement for muscle development.

Protein drink XXL 94 supplies perfectly selected proteins from whey isolate, calcium caseinate and egg to perfectly support muscle development and maintenance of the muscle mass.

Spirulina Algae Capsules

Spirulina Algae Capsules

360 capsules


15,00 € 12,50 €

A pure natural product made from the blue-green micro-algae "Spirulina pacifica hawaii".

Each Spirulina Capsule contains 300mg of unadulterated high-quality Spirulina micro-algas.

OPC Complex Capsules

OPC Complex Capsules

90 capsules

21,00 €

OPC Complex Capsules contain important, healthy micro nutrients such as OPC (Oligomere Proanthocyanidine), polyphenols from grape seeds, red wine and green tea, bioflavonids from citrus fruits and vitamin C from the West Indian cherry.


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