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Above all during activities which make you break into a sweat, your body loses significant amounts of sodium and water, and utilises carbohydrates as a fast supplier of energy for the muscles.  Therefore, a constant supply of these nutrients is of great importance. Ideally, our reservoirs should already be filled in advance when major challenges lie ahead of us.

Mineral Pur Drink Lemon

Mineral Pur Drink Lemon

Lemon: 100 g

8,50 €

The valuable source of electrolytes during high physical activity. Refreshing and no calories!

Calorie-free, lactose-free, gluten-free

Isotonic Energy Drink  900 g

Isotonic Energy Drink 900 g

Peach-Passion: 900 g

15,00 €

(Per 1 kg = 16,67 €)

Long-lasting effect and refreshing taste - specifically designed for endurance athletes! 

○ Lactose free and gluten free.


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LIQUID Energy pure

LIQUID Energy pure

Peach Passion: 50 ml

1,40 €

(Per 100 ml = 2,80 €)

The long-lasting energy boost: liquid out of the tube
Free of lactose and gluten.

Organic Endurance Bar Cranberry

Organic Endurance Bar Cranberry

Cranberry: 40 g

1,65 €

(Per 100 g = 4,13 €)

The long-lasting energy booster, that does not burden the body! 

Ideal for traveling, for example when walking, cycling or running. Contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Lactose and gluten free.

Isotonic Energy Drink · Sachet

Isotonic Energy Drink · Sachet

Peach-Passion: 36 g

0,75 €

(Per 100 g = 2,08 €)

Long-lasting effect and refreshing taste - specifically designed for endurance athletes!

Lactose-free and gluten-free.

Energy Rice Bar

Energy Rice Bar

Raspberry: 50 g


1,50 € 1,20 €

(Per 100 g = 2,40 €)

A boost from nature!
The easily digestible rice crispies, the high amount of carbohydrates and the fruity raspberry flavor gives you an energy boost when highest performance is required.

LIQUID Energy pure · Peach-passion fruit

LIQUID Energy pure · Peach-passion fruit

Peach-Passion: 500 ml

12,00 €

(Per 1 liter = 24,00 €)

The long-lasting energy boost:
Ideal for cyclists and runners to fill the drinking bottle to cover long distances.
Flavour: peach-passion fruit
Lactose- and gluten-free.


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