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Good advice

The Sanct Bernhard Sport focus is placed on sportspeople. Based on years of experience in high-performance and mass sports, we provide specific recommendations for consumption for the different types of sports. Here you can benefit from the expertise of experienced nutritionists and the many positive responses from outstanding performance athletes who have achieved success with these supplements.

At the most significant and largest sporting events, sportspeople are professionally advised and individually cared for on-site by Sanct Bernhard Sport specialist personnel. The outstanding feedback and the personal targets achieved are proof of our competence. You can find all the associated dates under Sanct Bernhard Sport trade fairs.

Contact us should you have a specific request. Our experienced specialists are happy to assist.

Convenient ordering

Simply order via Internet, telephone, fax or by post from your home. Top delivery service. We supply quickly, reliably and, from a total sum of EUR 40.00, without shipping costs, directly to your home.

Simple payment

Here you can decide between three types of payment. We trust you, and always deliver on account. You transfer payment after receipt of the goods. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal. If you select payment via automatic debit, you will receive a 3% discount.

For those who prefer to know all the details : Our GTCs