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Customers advertise customers

You are already a Aktiv3 customer, have already placed an order with us online and are happy with our products? Then recommend us - quite conveniently by e-mail.

FROM NOW ON, you and any new customer referred by you will receive credit of € 10.00 on your next order.

It's this easy:

Log in to the online shop with your access data.

Next steps

  1. Then fill in the new customer recruiting form.
  2. The new customer you have recruited will receive an email with your recommendation and a voucher code. He must enter this code to receive a discount the first time he makes an order worth more than EUR 40 in the shop.
  3. Please be considerate of the fact that this campaign only für applies to online orders.
  4. As soon as the new customer you have recruited has registered with us and redeemed his voucher for his first order, EUR 10 will automatically by credited to your customer account, and can spend it the next time you place an order. The minimum order value for redeeming this voucher is also EUR 40.

Conditions of participations

  1. Anyone over the age of 18 can recruit new customers.
  2. The amount will only be credited to your account if the person recruited is not yet a Aktiv3 customer.
  3. Only those who have not yet ordered anything from Aktiv3 are considered new customers. Persons living in the same household cannot be recruited as new customers.